Advertising the actions that Sciences for Cannabis develops and promoting public knowledge of its objectives, results and invested economic resources. Accordingly, the foundation pays special attention to providing transparency regarding both its internal accounting as well as any grants received and on-going funding sources to collaborators, sponsors, the government and the public at large.


Although we encourage the model of independent research with government funding, our foundation will always remain free of any political, economic or social affiliations.


We believe that the development of knowledge must be at the service of the community, and should not be subjected to private economic interests or to institutions that preserve conservatism morals.

Collaborative Work

Multidisciplinary approach based in evidence. We believe in the multiplicity of approaches about biological phenomenon, therefore our work is based on critical discussion and decision-making.


Our practices are based on respect, moderation, objectivity and labor ethics.


We support the development of solutions or biotech tools to address the challenges in Cannabis sativa research and use, acknowledging the potential to generate new and innovative opportunities in Chile.